Sculptural, Virtual, Video

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"Origami Drone Attack" 54Lx23Wx19H inches, paint, paper, wood.

"Name Tags", 3x4 ft. each, paint, paper and glassine.

"End Paper", 14x220 inches, paint on paper.

"American Icon" plaster, paint, 29.5x8x1.25 inches. Also comes in chocolate with nuts.

"Ponzi Pyramid" 32x31x31 inches, acrylic paint, tape on poster board.

"Pirate Party" newspaper, paper, paint and feathers, 22x40x18 inches.

"NO Lawn Signs" markers on plastic, wire, foam, paint, base.

"I'm Not Your ATM" black gesso on on meat trays, (small panels) 6.25x10,25 inches, 
(large panel) 8x12 inches.

"sorry for your job loss", 60x48 inches, paper, paint, feathers, wire, ribbon.

"CrazyTime Tea", 36x48 inches, paper, paint, feathers, wire, ribbon.

"Bull-Deodorizer", 66x38x.75 inches, flocking, paint, foam, cord.
Installation shots 1 2 

"Fortune",  foam, hand-painted lettering on paper.

"Anna's Fruit", 14L x 4W x 2H ft. Paint, paper, mesh, thread and plastic. 
The green wire twist is made of wire, paper and tape and is 4x96 inches.

"Sunny", outer wrapping 120x65 inches. Paint, paper and acetate.
Installation shots 1 2

"Chip Bag", acrylic and spray paint on plastic, 5.5x9 ft. chashama
Installation shots 1 

"Pink Slip", acrylic paint on seamless paper, 4x7 ft. chashama
Installation shot 1 2 3

"Last Straw", paper, acrylic paint, extruded acrylic, foam, 1x10 ft. chashama
Installation shots 1  

"Wire Ties", 2.5x108 inches (each), paint, paper, wire and tape.

"Tracing Comunity". Visitors trace their own faces becoming involved in 
art making and community. Top, self portrait on mirror.
Installation shots 1 2 
Video clip 1

"Tectonic Sculpture
" VPAP (Virtual Public Art Project), Esther Klein Gallery, UPenn.

Camper installation with video, paintings and found objects.

"Unearthing", video, 2 minute duration. Watch on YouTube.

Above, video and wood assemblage from Gallery Siano installation.
To watch other video samples go to
YouTube and Romanmovies.

Excavation tent installation at Sage Projects.