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We are what we throw in the garbage, ask any anthropologist. While attempting a data recovery from my computer trash I was struck by the way many of the image files were partially covered in crazy geometric patterns. While scrolling through the photos at high speed I thought about how we all are bombarded with thousands of images daily. Most of these are totally mundane. But others are representative of serious subjects we should be addressing. However, far too often they become just another momentary flash in our collective mind.

I have also made a number of paintings using a similar graphic treatment created by the partially eaten files. But for those I am painting on litter that I find and use as a support and in some cases I also use the imagery.

Duration 1:22
Video Composition and Sound by Vincent Romaniello

Eric Garner vs NYPD Polycolor and photo transfers on discarded wood panel (cradled), 11.75x11 inches

I Can't Breathe Polycolor and photo transfers on recycled panel (cradled), 32x24 inches

Felt Real Polycolor on discarded paper, 11.75x16 inches

Gay Marriage ruling by the Supreme Court, above "Like a Thunderbolt" (and following 3 paintings), all 4x6 inches, used vintage playing cards, polycolor on canvas.

Later Polycolor on discarded CD package, 11.5x6 inches

iHeart Polycolor on discarded book, 8x9x1 inches

Sketchy (above) Sketchy 2 (below) Polycolor on discarded sketchbook cover, 11.75x9 inches 

Hands Up Don't Shoot (left) Polycolor and collage on discarded store art, wood panel, 18.5x7 inches
Charlie (right) Polycolor and transfers on discarded store art wood panel, 18.5x7 inches

CRIME Alert Polycolor on found NYPD flyer, mounted on cardboard, 11x8.5 inches

Space Junk Polycolor on discarded paper, 16.5x11.75 inches

BAD CA Polycolor on discarded paper, 10x8 inches

Super Heros Polycolor and transfers on discarded cardboard, 14.75x8.25 inches

The 43Polycolor on newpaper, mounted on cardboard, 18x23.5 inches