The History of Art

"Basquiat Meets della Francesca" acrylic & oil paint, transfers on found pegboard, 15x9.75 inches

"Warhol Dagger Eyes" acrylic and oil paint on cradled panel, 36x36 inches

"Basquiat Stuck Inside a Miro" acrylic and oil paint on cradled panel, 48x36 inches

"Cold Beer & Girls" acrylic and oil paint on cradled panel, 36x48 inches

"Yo Picasso" acrylic paint, collage, transfers on discarded panel, 30x22 inches

"Formal Composition on Paneling" collage, paint on found wood paneling, 9x11.75 inches (irregular)

"Art History No. 101" collage, paint and black gesso on cradled panel, 20x16 inches

"Art History No. 102" paper collage and paint on canvas support, 24x20 inches

"Art History No. 103" collage, gesso and paint on recycled wood 
panel, 26x12 inches (irregular)

"Lesson on Birds and Bees" dollar store digital print on canvas support, 
paint, collage, 9x9 inches

"Caliente" collage on found paper with painted artifacts. Polycolor, latex glove, envelope, 
18x11.875 inches

"Cool Art Cats" dollar store digital print on 
wood support, paint, collage, 7.25x5.25 inches

"Rebels, Heroes" paper collage and paint on recycled wood support, 
17x10.5 inches