TOP Blue Poles paint, collage, transfers, assemblage on canvas, 68x58 inches more

Dallas Robot: Reboot 2.0 60x40x24 inches, books, canned and dry goods, graduation cap, 
electric guitar with amplifier, "NYPD vs Eric Garner" painting, foam, metal, paint

Below Border Crossing board game and exhibition
Everyone is invited to download the game board for free. 
For group exhibitions a table or multiple games can be set up depending on the curator's vision. 
Large solo exhibition are also scalable and can include a fenced-in detention center, 
silver emergency DREAMER blankets, human scale 3D Milagros and video screens with dice rolls, 
sound effects, etc.

Ghost of Future Present installation with details from performance at The Climate Change Awards, 
Taipei Cultural Center, NYC. 11x14 ft, charcoal, discarded cardboard, paint, information kiosk and 
3D plaster and assemblage element.

Village Drones installation, SpectreArts, Durham, NC (more)

Felt Real from digital_detritus, 
Polycolor on discarded paper, 
11.75x16 inches more

Tracing Community

audience participation piece, HereArt
New York, NY more

Acrylic paint and gesso on shaped cardboard with wood cradle

28.5x57 in (
Get Back to Where You Once Belonged 21x59.5 in
I Remember When the Sun Broke 36x32x2 in